7th May 24

CISUC researchers receive Best Paper Award at CHI 2024 A*

CISUC is delighted to announce its recent achievement of receiving a Best Paper Award from the ACM CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, the premier international conference in Human-Computer Interaction. This recognition underscores the commitment of the authors and their respective research centres to excellence and innovation in the field of Human-Computer Interaction.

The winning paper, titled "Understanding Feedback in Rhythmic Gymnastics Training: An Ethnographic-Informed Study of a Competition Class", authored by Leonor Portugal da Fonseca from CISUC, Francisco Nunes from Fraunhofer Portugal - AICOS, and Paula Alexandra Silva from CISUC, showcases the critical importance of studying users in-context to effectively understand and inform the design of digital interactive technologies to support and provide feedback in Rhythmic Gymnastics training. 

This honour reflects the dedication and expertise of the research team in advancing knowledge in an unchartered field of application. The work, stemming from a study developed during the MSc dissertation of the first author in Design and Multimedia, now a PhD student in Design of Computational Media studying technologies for breaking, featured the generous collaboration of AVEIROGYM.

The authors extend their appreciation to ACM CHI 2024 for recognising the significance of the paper. This accolade motivates them to continue pushing the boundaries of research and fostering excellence in the field of Human-Computer Interaction.

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