24th Nov 23 - 26th Nov 23

EAI Conference “AI for People: Democratizing AI” (CAIP’23)

The EAI Conference “AI for People: Democratizing AI” (CAIP’23) will take place in Bologna 24-26 November 2023.

CAIP'23 aims to provide a platform for people to present, learn and discuss the use of Artificial Intelligence for the societal good, addressing its benefits as well as its risks. This year’s edition will focus on Democratizing AI. Democratizing AI refers to the democratization of its stages of design, development, deployment and use.

The conference will be interdisciplinary and it welcomes contributions from different disciplines, spanning from computer science, the social sciences, and the humanities.
Possible topics include but are not limited to:
– AI and human and civic rights
– AI and Work
– Open-source software and initiatives
– AI policy
– AI for Good
– AI initiatives around democracy (e.g. e-voting, e-citizenship, smart city initiatives, etc.)
– AI and Political Philosophy

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Organizing Committee:

General Chairs
– Giovanni Sartor (University of Bologna)
– Marta Ziosi (Oxford Internet Institute, University Oxford)

Program Chairs
– Philipp Wicke (University College, Dublin)
– João Miguel Cunha (University of Coimbra)
– Angelo Trotta (University of Bologna)

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