9th Jun 21

SIGDep 2021 Seminars - DEI - UC

Wednesday, June 09 - 13h


Sérgio Ramos (from CISUC, UC)


Title: Security Requirements for Communications of a U-Space Separation Management Service

Abstract: Nowadays, with the escalated use of airspace, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) face several challenges related to the efficiency of airspace management. Moreover, several issues are related to communications performance and the envisioned use of Drones in the Very Low Level (VLL) part of the airspace, which justifies the increased necessity for a system capable of managing all these different aspects of manned and unmanned aviation. To tackle those issues in the European Union, the Single European Sky's ATM Research (SESAR) Joint Undertaking (JU) is responsible for managing a few hundred projects that envision the modernization of the European Airspace. One of those projects is the Exploratory Research project "Building Basic Blocks for a U-Space Separation Management Service" (BUBBLES), whose main purpose is to develop a service concept to help manage not only the separation of the Drones in the U-Space but also the integration with other U-Space Services and Air Traffic Control (ATC). An essential and critical aspect of this system has to do with communications performance, which requires constant monitoring and proper handling of associated security requirements. Regarding this, our general goal is to elicit and develop the security requirements for the BUBBLES communications support infrastructure. In this talk, we will present the different approaches and techniques that were or will be adopted, helping to achieve the security quality requirements within the BUBBLES scope.

Bio:Sérgio Ramos is a computer security master’s degree student at the University of Coimbra. He is also a junior researcher at the Laboratory of Communications and Telematics of the UC, being involved in the BUBBLES project, which is devoted to the development of a U-Space separation approach for UAV coordination. He developed interests in the cybersecurity and the UAS domains.

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