22nd May 24

Talk Ideas with Frederico Cerveira

Speaker: Frederico Cerveira

Date: 22nd of May, 2024

Time: 4:00pm

Place: Room G4.1

Presentation title: "Virtualization and the future"

Short bio:

Frederico Cerveira is an invited Assistant Professor at University of Coimbra, where he teaches the Compilers, Operating Systems and Software Quality courses. Frederico's PhD thesis dealt with cloud computing, virtualization and fault tolerance approaches for virtualized systems. He is also interested in fault injection, software testing, dependable automotive systems and failure prediction.


Virtualization is now an established technology with prominent use in cloud computing and a few other smaller fields. The ability to consolidate multiple software applications over a single piece of hardware is raising interest in a number of fields, where adoption can be expected in the near to medium future. This talk addresses the areas where virtualization can prove to be useful, lists the challenges behind ensuring resilient virtualization and proposes possible approaches to address these challenges.

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