7th Oct 22

Talks with CISUC Visitors

Title of the Talk: Open Education and Open Practices: opportunities in health area

Speaker: Cristine Gusmão

Date: October 21, 2022

Time: 1:00pm

Room: A5.4

Zoom link:

Abstract: The teaching, research and social activities, by professors, researchers and students, provide opportunities for the elaboration of varied contents throughout the academic and scientific cycle. These contents can be registered and made available, through digital curation, in repositories that guarantee intellectual property, encourage sharing and cooperation. This seminar aims to introduce open education practices, especially in the health area. Open Educational Resources, Open Science, Digital Skills and Dimensions of Open Education will be some of the themes presented as opportunities for dissemination and sharing of knowledge. Finally, as a model platform and success case, AVASUS will be presented - a virtual learning environment of the Unified Health System in Brazil.

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