Open Positions

Research grant on the automatic generation of scripts for short videos

The University of Coimbra, through Instituto Pedro Nunes, is looking for a researcher to work on the development of tools for automating the production of scripts for short videos.

The work will be developed in the Department of Informatics Engineering, under the supervision of Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira (, and will have in mind its integration in the Glymt platform (

Currently, the clients of Glymt have to write natural language requests for videos they want to be produced (e.g. about an event to be promoted or a product to be advertised), which can be a time-consuming task.

This work aims to develop computational tools for aiding the clients in the production of this kind of requests.

The candidate should hold a MSc in Computer Science or equivalent. Background on Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Computational Creativity, or Digital Literature are a plus.

The grant amounts to 980€/month and will have the maximum duration of a full year (6 + 6 months).

It is an opportunity to work on a project that lies in the intersection of academic research and industry, with a result to be intregrated in a real product. It should thus be seen by the candidate either as opening the doors of a potential PhD, or, instead, of a potential future career at Glymter.

More information about this grant can be found here:

Additional queries regarding this announcement should be me made directly to Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira (