João Couceiro e Castro


Centro de Informatica e Sistemas
Universidade de Coimbra
DEI, Polo 2, Pinhal de Marrocos
3030-290 Coimbra


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Cognitive and Media Systems

Research interests

Interactive Art, Evolutionary Computation, Computational Design, Computational Creativity, Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence

Short Bio

João Couceiro e Castro is a multimedia designer with a Master’s Degree in Design and Multimedia at the University of Coimbra with a self-proposed thesis project called «Máquina de Ouver» in which he explored new ways to visually represent speech expressiveness through typographic manipulation and developed a system that turns sound recordings into typographic artifacts. His main interests rest in sound, typography, computational art & creativity and graphic & editorial design. He loves to come up with new concepts and what moves him is the challenge of problem-solving through creativity and experimentation, developing his own tools with the help of a few programming skills.

Currently he’s enrolled in the Doctoral Program of Information Science and Technology at the University of Coimbra and he’s a researcher at the Computational Design and Visualization Lab while trying to keep his soul as a co-founder of Divisa. design collective.

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