cardioRisk | Personalized Cardiovascular Risk Assessment through Fusion of Current Risk Tools


This project addresses the coronary artery disease (CAD) and, specifically, the management of myocardial infarction (MI) patients. The main scientific goal is the development of personalized clinical models for cardiovascular (CV) risk assessment of acute events (e.g. death and new hospitalization), in order to stratify patients according to their care needs. The models significance will be assessed trough an in-hospital observational study, addressing patients admitted in the Intensive Cardiac Care Unit with a first episode of acute MI. The work will follow three major directions: fusion of risk tools, clustering of patients’ data and biosignals analysis techniques. This project will be partially supported by the results achieved by the team in the European project HeartCycle (FP7-216695) (pHealth applications to improve compliance and effectiveness in heart failure and CAD closed-loop management). Of particular importance are i) the development of fusion approaches to merge CV risk tools, ii) strategies for the prioritization of patients and iii) biosignal processing techniques to achieve personalized diagnosis. The team is composed by two research institutions, the University of Coimbra, Politecnico di Milano and the Centro Hospitalar Leiria Pombal.


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FCT - PTDC /EEI-SII/2002/2012


Politecnico di Milano, Centro Hospitalar Leiria Pombal.

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175 269,00 €


Personalization, Cardiovascular risk , Myocardial Infarction , Clinical applications

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