CoFiMoM - Combating Fire with Mobility and Multi-homing


The CoFiMoM project aims at specifying, implementing and validating a multihoming architecture with native support for mobility. This architecture, specifically designed for a fire combat scenario, allows firemen in the combat front to have access to reliable voice communications, and to the transmission of video and images, by employing different technologies. Therefore, each fireman has a mobile device with multi-technology interfaces, while the supporting cars have installed devices to relay the traffic from the associated team. In this context, efficient multihoming and mobility mechanisms are needed to assure reliable and uninterrupted communications. The multihoming architecture with native support of mobility integrates, in an innovative fashion, multihoming and mobility management protocols.


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University of Coimbra

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130 031,00 €

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130 031,00 €


Mobility, multi-homing.

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