ThermoResponse-Thermo-responsive ultrasonographic tissue analysis: towards a new imaging modality


The response of in vivo biological tissues to temperature is mainly known by its application to hyperthermia. However, there are evidences that it can be also used for imaging. We aim to develop a new non-invasive imaging modality based on intensity variations in conventional ultrasound images, where these variations are induced by temperature changes. Preliminary results showed that it is possible to obtain images with improved resolution when compared to the conventional ultrasound images, but more importantly we have evidences that it processes structural sensitivity that could complement images obtained with the gold-standard magnetic resonance imaging. The proponents develop joint research for more than one decade, and require funding to support experimental knowledge exchange, fundamental for the project, and to promote solid instruction of young researchers in the area of the project.


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Convénio CAPES-FCT


Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


Ultrasound Imaging, Tissue characterization, Image processing, Non-invasive temperature estimation

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