RECOUNT -- Routine-based Enhanced COnnectivity UNder user mobiliTy


The main goal of this project is to improve WiFi connectivity of users under mobility. The steady growth of smart-phones usage has put cellular networks under great strain, justifying the need for WiFi offloading as a solution that transfers part of the demand on cellular networks to WiFi hotspots that are in many cases already available. However, this must be performed in a way that provides benefits to the cellular operator while ensuring users a similar level of connectivity that they would achieve with cellular networks, even under user mobility (e.g. walking, taking a bus/train, etc). In this work we aim at (1) developing prediction mechanisms for selection of best hotspots by users under mobility, and (2) develop lightweight security schemes to reduce the burden of the association/authentication process of WiFi networks, therefore making WiFi offloading an effective and secure alternative to the growing demand on cellular networks.


Funded by

FCT/Campus France


INRIA Saclay, France

Total budget

9 000,00 €

Local budget

3 000,00 €


wireless, offloading

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