FCT/ CAPES - SORTS: Supporting the Orchestration of Resilient and Trustworthy Fog Services


Emerging applications in the context of the Internet of Everything (IoE) introduce real?time and low latency requirements, which pose new challenges on the services to be provided to the users. Fog Computing is a paradigm that extends Cloud Computing to the network edge, allowing a wider geographic coverage, load balancing and flexible mobility support, being a potential approach within the IoE. In this context, several challenges arise, including the need to support the orchestration of complex and on-demand services within large scale and dynamic environments, which can be adapted during runtime in a resilient and trustworthy way. The SORTS projects aims to develop and validate a Service Orchestrator that is able to satisfy these challenges. In addition, and taking advantage of the synergy between the two teams, the SORTS project will contribute to the training of researchers from masters to post-doc levels.



University of Campinas, University of Coimbra


Fog services, resilience, orchestration

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