MobiWise: from mobile sensing to mobility advising


MobiWise will build a 5G platform that encompasses the access infrastructure filled with sensors, people and vehicles, to improve mobility in the cities, both for commuters and for tourists. The project will connect any sensor, person and vehicle, and will use all possible information to improve the user mobility, through a complete network and services platform for an Internet of Things real deployment in a smart city. Specific examples include eco-urban routing, which requires data from people's smartphones, sensors and transportation to choose the best paths in the city, for commuters that have meetings throughout the city, and for tourists that aim at visiting touristic places. MobiWise will study and integrate different types of technologies and networks in the same infrastructure that supports mobility, services and applications provided through an edge/distributed cloud, making use of virtualization through SDN, and dynamic management of information, resources and services. Both network and data will be secured, including the integration with the cloud. The representation and big data analysis will be key to the services and applications in real pilots, which will analyse safety, fuel consumption/emissions, noise parameters in the assessment of the road network performance and the development of the eco-routing paths.


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Smart Cities, Internet of Things, 5G, Software Defined Networks

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