ExoBike - Biomechanical Equipment for Restorative Therapy and Rehabilitation


This project involves the development of an equipment with the mechanical system similar to a bicycle that takes over the function of an exoskeleton, an ExoBike, to evaluate and promote the rehabilitation of individuals with bone injuries, as well as in recovery, training and early diagnosis of patients with neuro degenerative diseases. The ExoBike incorporates a set of sensors and actuators that enable therapeutics to implement an active/passive system which reacts dynamically to the needs of the disease under study. There will be a customized software for rehabilitation being able to monitor physiological and biomechanical parameters of participants while immersing them in a virtual reality simulation providing the user with visual, auditory and haptic feedback. A Brain-Computer Interface based on electroencephalography, biomedical signal processing, multimodal interfaces and assistive technology will be incorporated in that the acquired data may be fused with the system. This project, covering different scientific domains, starts with the engagement of the students supervised by teachers and the collaboration of the healthcare community, which ends with a final prototype to improve the quality of live.


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Portugal 2020 - 02/SAICT/2016


Rehabilitation, User Experience, Usability, Acessability, Sensors, Actuators, Brain Computer Interface

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