BlueEyes - HCI e Beacons: tornar o invisível visível


The aim of this project is to help blind to knowledge the environment in which they live, where navigation and way finding is crucial for guarantee their mobility and to improve the quality of life. We also know that people with visual disabilities in new environments feel totally disoriented and isolated. It is not easy for blind people to move independently, being urgent to ensure their mobility.The aims to improve the social inclusion of these citizens, with novel mobility solution to assist the blind through their daily journey, using a smartphone, without the need for any special hardware, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Thus, it is proposed a practical scientific research, involving professors and students (undergraduation and master), supported by three Beacon’s Living Labs in Coimbra, Caldas da Rainha and Tábua. Another aims is to determine a good architectural model for context-aware mobile apps that leverage Beacons, determine the strengths and limitations of Beacons for context-awareness for real-world settings, with app, which acts like a city guide with accurate tracking and micro-location context-aware on a mobile device with BLE. Each Living Lab network will contain iBeacons (Apple) and Eddystone (Google) beacons.


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Portugal 2020 - 02/SAICT/2016


Assitive Technologies, Bluetooth Low Energy, Beacons, Acessability

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