The Nebula Project : A novel vocational training program on cloud computing skills


LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME / Leonardo da Vinci, Ref. 540226-LLP-1-2013-1-GR-LEONARDO-LMP Catarina Ferreira da Silva was the scientific coordinator of the European project Nebula, from which the Full Professor Parisa Ghodous was the team leader. Adoption of cloud computing is a key strategy of the EU Digital Agenda. Public administrations can benefit significantly from outsourcing IT infrastructure financially and in terms of e-services for the public. Skills/competences on the management/use of cloud computing will become key for employability of jobseekers and employees as demand for these skills is rising. Nebula develops a Sector Skills Alliance and a novel VET program on Cloud Computing Skills, bridging the mismatch on cloud computing skills in the sector of territorial public administrations in order to improve employability of staff by enhancing their skills and bringing them up to speed with new technologies. The program trains learners in all aspects of migration of IT infrastructure to cloud computing including technical, organizational, financial, procurement aspects. Forming a Sector Skills Alliance to train public servants on cloud computing skills enables the consortium to leverage the complete stakeholder ecosystem and the common technological, organisational and operational aspects involved in the migration to cloud computing services to provide a VET program that covers the needs and requirements of territorial public administrations across Europe and enables them to achieve the objectives of the Digital Agenda for Europe. Such an Alliance can achieve results that comply with the Vision for VET in 2020 as outlined in the Bruges Communiqué in terms of attractive and inclusive VET, career-oriented continuing VET and easily accessible, high-quality lifelong information services.


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European Commission


UCBL (France), PROMEA (Greece), AELP (UK), Tecla (Italy), Sambruk (Sweden), FLORIDA (Spain), Telesig (Bulgaria)


Cloud Computing

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