INSIGHTZAI - Machine Learning Modeling for Powerful Insights


One of the principal activities of a Data Scientist is to use domain knowledge (e.g credit card transactions) for the analysis of a raw data set, in order to identify features that can raise the effectiveness and efficiency or ML algorithms. Unfortunately, tools essential for this task are often not integrated neither optimised for user performance, resulting in a complex and time-expensive process, involving a multitude of tools and programming steps. The Insightzai project aims at the development of an integrated platform for data modelling and analysis (data science), usable in the domain of fraud detection, but aiming to extend towards other domains such as insurance or alternative payments. The goal is design and study a complete cycle platform that can significantly increase the productivity of data scientists, enabling at the same time a democratization of the profession, making data science accessible to other less specialised or tech-savvy professional roles such as business analysts.


Funded by

Centro 2020


Feedzai. IPN, UC

Total budget

1 710 420,00 €

Local budget

234 811,00 €


Interaction Design, Data Science, Fraude Prevention, Usability, HCI

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