FireLoc - Where’s the Fire? - Identification, positioning and monitoring forest fires with crowdsourced data


FireLoc project aims at developing a system that will allow: 1) the report of a spotted fire by any volunteer citizen provided with a smartphone, including automatic geolocation (place of observation), imagery of what is being observed (e.g. photograph taken with the smartphone), and data enabling to georeference the observed phenomenon - namely, the orientation (automatically picked up from the smartphone) and the approximate distance between the observer and the observed event; 2) the identification, for each contribution, of the approximate geolocation of the observed event, the degree of confidence of data received (whose determination will be based on volunteer’s credibility according to the personal profile and history of contributions), and the geographic context of both sites, the observation site and event site (this will be based on land cover information of the vicinity of both sites and on digital terrain models); 3) the integration and processing of data made available by volunteers who are meant to provide data/information almost in real time on geolocation, severity and extent of the observed phenomena.


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INESC-Coimbra, University of Coimbra

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199 750,00 €


Forest fire, Location/Monitoring, Crowdsourcing, Intelligent systems

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