FrailCheck: Diseño y desarrollo de un sistema de detección y análisis de la actividad física y pautas de comportamiento para ayuda al diagnóstico de la fragiliad


Frailty is a condition associated with aging, which leads to a decrease in the homeostatic reserve and adaptive capacity of the body, resulting in an increasing risk of disability, loss of resistance and greater vulnerability to adverse events. In order to reduce frailty, it is required to act on the main risk: inactivity. Interventions focused on physical activity have proven effective in delaying and even reversing frailty and disability, as well as improving cognitive status and increasing emotional well-being. The aim of this project, called FrailCheck (Frailty+Check), is to design, develop and validate a system to aid the assessment of frailty in elderly patients. This system will be based on different detection technologies that will allow a sufficiently accurate measurement of the physical activity of the elderly and, also, through localization systems, will also obtain their routines. From the technological point of view, it is proposed that patients carry a minimally invasive inertial system, and even that they can carry a body sensor network that allows the measurement of physiological parameters relevant to diagnosis. These systems will be fused with local positioning systems located in the infrastructure (ad hoc systems, WiFi networks, etc.) of the environment (elderly home, hospital, or even the patient's home). The aim is to provide medical and healthcare staff with a set of objective evidence that facilitates the early assessment of patients' frailty, during periods of time that are medically indicated, as well as the monitoring of established therapies that allow to delay and even reverse it. The technological proposal of FrailCheck can be considered to be of an advanced level, with ambitious objectives, hoping that its success will lead to an improvement in the health of the elderly, in the procedures for assessing the frailty and in the reduction of derived health costs of the state of frailty and its consequences.


Funded by

Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha; (SBPLY/17/180501/000392)


Universidad de Alcalá

Total budget

125,63 €


body sensor network, Non-Intrusive Monitoring, frailty, internet of things

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