Text Input Disambiguation Supported on a Hierarchical User Model



Mobile phones are used for various tasks that go far from
voice communication. A popular use is for composition of
short messages (SMSs), but other applications are also
available like email, agenda, contact, and note management.
All these uses have in common the need for text input on a
small keyboard with ambiguity problems.
Various techniques are currently used for input
disambiguation, with variable results in terms of usability and
efficiency. Some techniques achieve good performance with
messages composed by words from a dictionary but poorly
when a significant number of words are not in memory.
In this paper we present a solution for text disambiguation
supported on a general model for disambiguation plus a user
model generated from previous messages sent by the user. We
present results obtained with this approach and discuss future


Ubiquitous Computing

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 Normalization of Informal Text for Text-to-speech
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