Segmentation of Pitch Tracks for Melody Detection in Polyphonic Audio



We propose a method for segmentation of pitch tracks for melody detection in polyphonic musical signals. This is an important issue for melody-based music information retrieval, as well as melody transcription. Past work in the field addressed especially the issue of extracting melodic pitch lines, without explicit definition of notes. Thus, in this work, we propose a two-stage segmentation of pitch tracks for the determination of musical notes. In the first stage, frequency-based segmentation is conducted with recourse to frequency variations in pitch tracks. In the second phase, salience-based segmentation is performed in order to split consecutive notes with equal value, using pitch salience minima and note onsets.




Music Information Retrieval


EUSIPCO'2005, September 2005

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 Arve Voldsund (2006). "Brukergrensesnitt for sanntidsbehandling av lyd Mapping av sensordata til DSP-funksjoner", MSc Thesis, University of Oslo, Norway