Schools and Heritage: An Online Experience to Foster Situated and Collaborative Learning in Multiple Perspectives



This paper reports on a case study ' escolas e património@viseu� carried out within the scope of a National project in Viseu, Portugal. Heritage was the frame to launch challenges to primary schools that could foster learning in multiple representations and in social interaction using ICT. The results of a one-year project are presented in this paper. In collaboration with 221 primary schools a significant heritage repository of Viseu region was developed in the website of the project. The results show the development of technological skills in children, the ability to express in multiple representations, as well as the cooperation work done. The use of ICT to promote real collaboration wasn't achieved. We think the problem is mainly in the type of challenge launched and not in technological constraints.


eduaction multimedia


Multimedia networking

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SchoolSenses@Internet: children as multisensory geographic information creators through the use of information and communication technologies


ED-MEDIA 2005--World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia & Telecommunications, June 2005

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