Large Scale Mobile and Pervasive Augmented Reality Games



Ubiquitous or pervasive computing is a new
kind of computing, where specialized elements of hardware
and software will have such high level of deployment that
their use will be fully integrated with the environment.
Augmented reality extends reality with virtual elements
but tries to place the computer in a relatively unobtrusive,
assistive role.
To our knowledge, there is no specialized network
middleware solution for large-scale mobile and pervasive
augmented reality games.
We present here work that focus on the creation of such
network middleware for mobile and pervasive
entertainment, applied to the area of large scale augmented
reality games. In, this context, mechanisms are being studied,
proposed and evaluated to deal with issues such as
scalability, multimedia data heterogeneity, data distribution
and replication, consistency, security, geospatial location and
orientation, mobility, quality of service, management of
networks and services, discovery, ad-hoc networking and
dynamic configuration.


Pervasive networking, augmented reality,middleware, entertainment, gaming


Pervasive networking and entertainment

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IST FP6 NoE E-NEXT: Emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies


EUROCON 2005 - The International Conference on "Computer as a Tool", November 2005

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