Model Proposal for a Constructed Artist



This paper is dedicated to the development of constructed artists, i.e., computer programs capable of creating artworks with little or no human intervention. We make an analysis and critic of some of the most prominent work on this field. We give a description of the main characteristics that a system should have, in order to be considered a constructed artist. These characteristics include the capacity of making aesthetic judgments, which takes us to the origins of art and aesthetics, for which we present a brief theory. Finally we propose a model for the development of a constructed artist. This model has the capability of performing aesthetic evaluation, through the use of neural networks. The images are generated using a genetic algorithm, and represented using Fractal Image Encoding. This type of methodology allows the representation and, consequently, the generation of any type of image.


Evolutionary Art, Creativity


Evolutionary Art

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NEvAr - Neuro Evolutionary Art


First World Multiconference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics, SCI\'97/ISAS\'97, July 1997

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