Measurement Based Admission Control for a Class-based QoS Framework



In the Laboratory of Communications and Telematics (LCT) of the University of Coimbra researchers have developed a novel, adaptive class-based QoS framework (LCT-QoS). In contrast to common, static resource allocation the core concept behind this approach is a dynamic resource distribution based on delay and loss measurements. As a further step towards a complete framework, currently research is done to find an effective admission control algorithm for resource control on the edge of a QoS domain. In this paper we present our first achievements and the disclosed issues towards a delay and loss measurement based admission control. We first discuss the general need of admission control to manage resource demand. Next, we derive an algorithm starting with an introduction of LCT-QoS together with its inherent loss and delay measurements and a general definition of admission control. We present the simulation setup we used as well as results collected by examining the efficiency of our algorithm under various conditions. The paper is concluded with a discussion of the results and present identification of further directions.


Traffic monitoring and measurement


LANOMS 2005 - 4th Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium, August 2005

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