A Modular Architecture for Measurement Based Admission Control



Till now, much research in area of Measurement Based Admission Control (MBAC) was and still is undertaken with an encyclopedic literature one achievement. While some articles present complete MBAC algorithms, others focus on specific details. In fact, the MBAC issue is a compound of different sub problems and in this paper we present a modular architecture for an MBAC algorithm. We dismantle the MBAC problem in four different modules, which in turn leads to a seamless integration in DiffServ [1] edge router design. Further, and in contrast to current approaches, we argue that the logical separation between the operation of an MBAC algorithm and a queuing discipline is disadvantageous and propose a framework where the parameters of the queuing discipline are adjusted according to resource consumption of ongoing and arriving resource consumers, both determined by the MBAC algorithm.


Traffic monitoring and measurement


IADIS International Conference - WWW/Internet 2005, October 2005

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