Communities as Context Providers for Web-Based Learning



This chapter addresses the use of communities as a context creating approach for the management of learning in virtual settings. It puts into evidence the lack of consensus around the concept of community and its recent deployment in the educational domain and how the educational use of virtual settings has neglected the construction of the learning context. Furthermore, we point the existence of a large body of knowledge from areas such as organizational learning, actor-network theory, sociology, constructivism and learning communities that, when articulated in their potentialities and valued on their similarities, may become useful tools to go through the limitations of the web based learning that have been seen as distance learning tools. Theory will provide researchers a better understanding of intricate relationships between different concepts and trends, but also of learning communities as entirely new tools for a contextual approach for the management of learning in virtual settings.


learning contexts, e-learning, COPs

Book Chapter

Managing Learning in Virtual settings: The Role of Context, VIII, pp. 142-163, Information Science Publishing (Idea Group), October 2006

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