Middleware for embedded sensors and actuators in mobile pervasive augmented reality



In this paper we describe a Java middleware, the SENSACT API, which enables the construction ' and connection through a Bluetooth network ' of a network of sensors and actuators for the purpose of enabling its use in mobile pervasive augmented reality games. The system enables sensors and actuators to be deployed and subsequently connected to a central coordinating device, the game device, that has a compatible middleware API, the Status Transmission Framework Version 2.0 PAN API. The presented middleware package was subject to functional as well as performance tests using Sun Microsystems Java Wireless Toolkit 2.3 Beta version, which showed that the proposed API is adequate for small sensor/actuator networks.


Pervasive networking, entertainment, augmented reality, ad-hoc networking, wireless networking


Pervasive networking and entertainment

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IST FP6 NoE E-NEXT: Emerging Networking Experiments and Technologies


INFOCOM 2006 Student Workshop, April 2006

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