ZACCAR - Sistema de conhecimento para apoio à Gestão do Relacionamento com Clientes



In this thesis it is presented a tool to take care of the Customers' Behaviour Knowledge (CBK) obtained when a data mining tool acts in the organisational databases to manage and integrate it in the organisational knowledge, through a consolidation process with the existing knowledge.
Data mining tools automate the detection of customers\'behaviour patterns from the organisational databases in a process called Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). These patterns may be transmitted to organisational agents and used in marketing campaigns and other activities in the organisation.
However, the CBK is not usually treated to allow the analysis why it exists or how it evolves as well its consolidation with other existing CBK.
So, we consider that, in this process, there is a situation that can be optimized through the introducing of a new concept - the management of CBK - conducting to a new organisational activity - to take care of the CBK.
The management of CBK is intended as the confrontation of this knowledge with other existing knowledge, resolving potential conflicts, updating it and adding pertinent explanations to the temporal evolution of the customers\'behaviour patterns.
The most important contributions of this work are:
- the presentation of the concept \"The management of the Customers' Behaviour Knowledge\" that allows a new organisational task: \"To take care of the Customers' Behaviour Knowledge\";
- the creation and exploration of a knowledge system to help the management of the CBK - the ZACCAR system - whose main objective is to permit the viability of the new task that is got by:
 the collecting and uniformization of the behaviour patterns obtained with a data mining tool;
 the confrontation of these patterns with existing CBK, updating it;
 the validation and documentation, by the manager of the organisational knowledge, of the knowledge after to be updated;
 the integration of the updated knowledge in a knowledge base that will be an integrant part of the organisational knowledge;
- in the consolidation process of the knowledge discovered in databases, resolving interpreting and integration problems as possible conflicts.

Attending the objectives considered in this work, it was made a detailed analysis of the practice of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and its relation with the organisational knowledge as well of the CBK with emphasis in the treatment given to this knowledge

ZACCAR can be considered an innovating system as, with it, the organisations can have a knowledge base of the CBK, updated in a semi-automatic process where it can be yet, stored the evolution of the customers\'behaviour patterns and turned as an integrant part of the organisational knowledge.

It was developed a prototype of ZACCAR, using existing technology; to prove its feasibility it was conducted two case studies; these cases showed that the system has good potentialities that will be very useful in an enterprise where the system can be implemented either as independent system or integrated in other organisational systems with a greater covering.


Business Intelligence; CRM; Customer\'s Behaviour Knowledge, Data Mining, Knowledge base, Knowledge Discovery from Databases, Organisational KNowledge

PhD Thesis

ZACCAR - Sistema de conhecimento para apoio à Gestão do Relacionamento com Clientes, July 2003

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