SVG as a Basis for HCI in Heterogeneous eHealth Systems



The use of web-based solutions for telemedicine applications is a
strategic solution: the Web has become a standardized infrastructure, guarantying
accessibility and usability advantages to major participants (patients and
physicians). However, there are several issues that should be addressed with a
significant attention, with particular reference HCI (Human-Computer Interaction).
This paper presents a general model, functionalities and technical issues related to
the development of a Physician web-based system for a Tele-Cardiology
application, relying on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) technology. Through a
web-based SVG station, physicians are provided with the required rich, interactive
and well organized graphical data presentations in order to efficiently execute their
major tasks. Several optimizations to enable real-time data reproduction using
SVG are also discussed.


SVG, Telemedicine, HCI



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