Goals: Interactive Multimedia Documents Modeling



Multimedia has been largely applied to develop attractive and functional applications that allow achieving useful user-tasks. These sophisticated applications are usually developed using bottom-up approaches regardless of the complexity of the implementation. Furthermore, the design of complex Interactive Multimedia Documents (IMDs) introduces an additional complexity; the authoring of these applications can be an error-prone task considering the increasing number of media objects participating in these documents and the synchronization among them. For this reason, the authoring of IMDs should be supported by a structured methodology based on an intuitive abstraction that facilitates the design of complex IMDs. This paper presents Goals a top-down use-case driven, architectural-centric, UML based methodology that allows for the intuitive authoring of complex IMDs through the structured modeling of the presentations aspects, content and the complete behavior of these documents.


Multimedia Information Systems, User-Centered Design, Methodologies and Techniques, User Interface (Screen) Design, Prototyping.


Multimedia Authoring


TAMODIA\'2006 - 5th International Workshop on TAsk MOdels and DIAgrams for user interface design, October 2006

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