Customizing Multimedia and Collaborative Virtual Environments



The educational usage of computer technology has increased considerably based on different topics of research and development such as educational web sites, online tutorials, authoring systems, collaborative learning, distance learning, Virtual Reality resources, among others. In particular, the utilization of VR environments for educational purposes improves the learning process since these environments enables to simulate situations that could not be experienced by a student inside a classroom. Furthermore, the presentation of Multimedia information within Virtual environments enriches the user´s experience and provides a solid acquisition of knowledge. If these users are able to interact and to carry out collaborative activities, the learning process can also be facilitated. This paper proposes a generic architecture for the development of a Multimedia and Collaborative Virtual Environments (MCVEs) for educational purposes, the CreaTiVE platform.


Multimedia, CSCW, Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality

Book Chapter

Encyclopedia of Networked and Virtual Organizations, January 2008

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