Experiments with Free Concept Generation in Divago (revised and updated)



This paper presents a set of experiments we carried
out recently with Divago, a system we have
been developing and which has, as an underlying
motivation, the goal of being a computational
model of creativity. This model is expected to be
able to generate novel concepts out of previous
knowledge. Here we show its behaviour with a
large dataset constructed independently by other researchers
consisting of over 170 nouns. Each noun
is represented with a syntax that is equivalent to the
one adopted for Divago. We apply a two step experimentation
procedure, which starts by 'training�
the system with 'preferred outcomes� and then allowing
it to do free generation, constrained by the
pragmatic goal of a given query. We evaluate and
make a short discussion on the results under well
defined criteria of novelty and usefulness.


Conceptual Blending, Creativity


Knowledge Based Systems, Vol. 19, #7, pp. 459-471, Elsevier, November 2006

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