A Tool for Management and Reuse of Software Design Knowledge



As software systems become bigger and more complex, researchers
try to find ways to increase development productivity and efficiency. Knowledge
generated during the software development process can be a valuable asset
for a software company. But in order to take advantage of this knowledge,
the company must store it for reuse. This can be achieved through the use of
knowledge management tools integrated in CASE tools. This paper provides an
overview of a system integrated in a CASE tool that manages and reuses software
design knowledge. We describe how knowledge is stored and reused
based on a Case-Based Reasoning approach. This tool aids the software designer
in new ways: searching the design repository, suggesting designs, learning
new knowledge from the user interaction, and other capabilities. We show
the innovative aspects of our system.


CBR for Software Reuse

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EKAW 2006 - 15th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, October 2006

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