Verification and Validation of (Real Time) COTS Products using Fault Injection Techniques



With the goal of reducing time to market and project costs, the current trend of real time business and mission critical systems is evolving from the development of custom made applications to the use of commercial off the shelf (COTS) products. Obviously, the same confidence and quality of the custom made software components is expected from the commercial applications. In most cases, such products (COTS) are not designed with stringent timing and/or safety requirements as priorities. Thus, to decrease the gap between the use of custom made components and COTS components, this paper presents a methodology for evaluating COTS products in the scope of dependable, real time systems, through the application of fault injection techniques at key points of the software engineering process. By combining the use of robustness testing (fault injection at interface level) with software fault injection (using educated fault injection operators), a COTS component can be assessed in the context of the system it will belong to, with special emphasis given to timing and safety constraints that are usually imposed by the target real time dependable environment. In the course of this work, three case studies have been performed to assess the methodology using realistic scenarios that used common COTS products.


Verification and validation


6th IEEE International Conference on COTS-based Software Systems, February 2007

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