Process Use Cases: Use Cases Identification



The identification of use cases is one key issue in the development of interactive information systems. User participation in the development life cycle can be seen as critical to achieve usable systems and has proven its efficacy in the improvement of systems appropriateness. Indeed, the involvement of users in the requirements definition can add a signification improvement in both consecutive/interleaved tasks of: (i) understanding and specifying the context of use, and, (ii) specifying the user and organizational requirements as defined in Human-Centered Design (HCD) (ISO, 1999). Existing solutions provide a way to identify business processes and/or use cases in order to achieve system definition, but they don't do it in an agile and structured way that helps to efficiently bridge Business Process Management and Software Engineering. Process Use Cases is a methodology, defined in the Goals software construction process, for the identification of use cases and information entities during the modeling and reorganization of business processes focusing the results in the identification of the functional requirements for the correct development of an interactive information system.


Business Process Management, Software Engineering, UML, Use Case, Goals, Process Use Cases


UML Modelling


ICEIS´2007 - 9th International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems, June 2007

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