ProGuide - Sistema de acompanhamento na resolução de problemas básicos de programação



Programming learning is recognized as a complex activity by a large number of students. To develop good programming skills it is necessary that students program as much as possible. However, there are students that find difficult to start developing programs, even to the simplest problems. These students require a more intense support, in order to go beyond theirs limitations.
In this context, we present ProGuide, and educational environment, conceived to assist initial programming learning, especially by students with deeper difficulties. It supports students during algorithm development, namely when creating solutions to problems frequently proposed to students in the initial learning phase. During the exercise resolution, ProGuide communicates with the student through a natural language based dialog where it tries to encourage and help the student to find a correct solution. ProGuide includes also algorithm animation and simulation mechanisms, which allow the students to verify how their algorithms work or what changes are necessary, so that they solve the proposed problems.


Algorithmic Learning, Problem-Solving Techniques, Educational Technology, Programming Teaching and Learning


Computer Science Education

MSc Thesis

ProGuide - Sistema de acompanhamento na resolução de problemas básicos de programação, May 2007

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