Internet Quality of Service: a Bigger Picture



Quality of Service is one of the major research topics in computer
communications, not at last reflected by the immense number of work published
by today. In fact, continuous innovation is shaping this versatile subject in many
aspects and it's nearly impossible to keep track for an individual. For this reason,
this paper provides a tutorial-style and comprehensive Internet QoS state-of-the-
art about current practices, what are advantages and what yet calls for further
research. In order to do so, we present current QoS architectures for Next Gener-
ation Networks, explain what are the challenges along with wireless access tech-
nologies and introduce latest advances in QoS signalling. Another section rises
fundamental questions about QoS routing and new directions in QoS assessment
for multimedia services are discussed in a following one. Finally, the paper aims
to rise awareness about the ongoing Net Neutrality discussion in the U.S., which
is widely unknown beyond the U.S. but bears the potential of dramatically influ-
encing the future of a QoS featuring Internet.




1st OpenNet Workshop - Service Quality and IP Network Business: Filling the Gap, March 2007

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