Semantically enriched places: An approach to deal with the position to place problem.



The growing availability of GPS and localization technolo-
gies in general opens up new challenges regarding the use of position
information for a myriad of services - the Location Based Services. As
a side effect, several research questions naturally arise, as stated before
by researchers in Ubiquitous Computing: What is the meaning of place?.
Here, we present a proposal of a pro ject that we believe can contribute to
the answer to this problem. Our approach regards essentially the seman-
tic enrichment of place, starting from having a simple descriptive word
towards a concept network model of place from a Information Retrieval
aspect. We present an overview of the pro ject, focus on methods and
algorithms will be used and give a preview of some preliminary results.


Information Extraction, Ambient Intelligence, Semantics of Place


Ubiquitous Computing


Doctoral Colloquium of UbiComp Conference, September 2007

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