Component Agent Systems: Building a Mobile Agent Architecture That You Can Reuse



One central problem preventing widespread adoption of mobile agents as a code structuring primitive is that current mainstream middleware implementations do not convey it simply as such. In fact, they force all the development to be centered on mobile agents, which has serious consequences in terms of software structuring and, in fact, technology adoption. This chapter discusses the main limitations of the traditional platform-based approach, proposing an alternative: component-based mobile agent systems. Two case studies are discussed: the JAMES platform, a traditional mobile agent platform specially tailored for network management; and M&M, a component-based system for agent-enabling applications. Finally, a bird's eye perspective on the last 15 years of mobile agent systems research is presented along with an outlook on the future of the technology. The authors hope that this chapter brings some enlightenment on the pearls and pitfalls surrounding this interesting technology and ways for avoiding them in the future.


Mobile Agents

Book Chapter

Architectural Design of Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Techniques, IGI Global, May 2007

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