Knowledge Management using Semantic Web Technologies: An Application in Software Development



As software systems become bigger and more complex, software developers need to cope with a growing amount of information and knowledge. New supporting tools for management of knowledge created during software development and maintenance is a necessity felt in the software industry. The knowledge generated during the software development process can be a valuable asset for a software company. But in order to take advantage of this knowledge, the company must acquire, store and manage it for reuse. This paper describes SRS (Semantic Reuse System), a system for management and reuse of software development knowledge based on Semantic Web technologies. SRS enables software developers to submit knowledge that the system then analyzes and indexes for later use. We describe how the knowledge is represented and how the reasoning mechanisms support knowledge reuse.


Knowledge Management, Semantic Web


Knowledge Management

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SRS: Semantic Reuse System


4th International Conference on Knowledge Capture (K-CAP), October 2007

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