SAID: A Business Intelligent Tool based on Open Source



Business intelligence is becoming a key component in the
information infrastructure of most organizations. In fact, the increasing
focus on information as a valuable resource for competitiveness is leading
most organizations to build business intelligence environments that support
the decision making activities. These infrastructures are typically
based on very powerful commercial tools. The problem is that, due to the
high cost of this software many companies cannot afford the implementation
of such environments. Open source software is changing the way
companies build their information infrastructures and business intelligence
applications are no exception. The problem is that most available
tools are too specific and cannot be applied in a general manner. In
this paper, we present a BI tool named SAID, which is based on the
integration of several open source software modules.


Business Intelligence

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SAID - Sistema de Análise Inteligente de Dados


EPIA 2007 - Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence., December 2007

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