Enrichment of Automatically Generated Texts using Metaphor



Computer-generated texts are yet far from human-generated
ones. Along with the limited use of vocabulary and syntactic structures
they present, their lack of creativeness and abstraction is what points
them as artificial. The use of metaphors and analogies is one of the cre-
ative tools used by humans that is difficult to reproduce in a computer.
A human writer would not have difficulties to find conceptual relations
between the domain he is writing about and his knowledge about other
domains in the world, using this information in the text avoiding possible
confusion. However, this task is not trivial for a computer. This paper
presents an approach to the use of metaphors for referring to concepts
in an automatically generated text. From a given mapping between the
concepts of two domains we intend to generate metaphors for some con-
cepts relating them with the target metaphoric domain and insert these
metaphorical references in a text. We also study the ambiguity induced
by metaphor and how to reduce it.


Metaphor, Creativity, Analogy, Natural Language Generation




Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, November 2007

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