Scalability and Mobility in a Network Middleware for Large Scale Mobile and Pervasive Augmented Reality Games



Ubiquitous or pervasive computing is a new kind of computing, where specialized elements of hardware and software will have such a high level of deployment that their use will be fully integrated with the environment. Augmented reality extends reality with virtual elements but tries to place the computer in a relatively unobtrusive, assistive role. In this paper we examine the scalability of a innovative network middleware for large scale mobile and pervasive augmented reality games, analytically and by comparison of the architecture proposed with alternative possible architectures, with the aim of proving our architecture is the more scalable one. We also analyze mobility issues of the architecture and how they are handled.


Pervasive computing, augmented reality, scalability, mobility


Pervasive networking and entertainment

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IST FP6 CONTENT Network-of-Excellence


The 2007 International Conference on Wireless Networks (ICWN2007), Part of WORLDCOMP 2007, June 2007

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