On the development of evolutionary artificial artists



The creation and the evaluation of aesthetic artifacts are tasks related to design, music and art, which are highly interesting from the
computational point of view. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence systems face the challenge of performing tasks that are typically human,
highly subjective, and eventually social. The present paper introduces an architecture which is capable of evaluating aesthetic
characteristics of artifacts and of creating artifacts that obey certain aesthetic properties. The development methodology and motivation,
as well as the results achieved by the various components of the architecture, are described. The potential contributions of this type of
systems in the context of digital art are also considered.


Artificial art; Evolutionary computation; Artificial intelligence; Digital art


Evolutionary Art

Related Project

NEvAr - Neuro Evolutionary Art


Computers & Graphics, Vol. 31, #6, pp. 818-826, Elsevier, December 2007

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