Visbreaker Analysis by Multidimensional Scaling



Advanced monitoring of critical industrial processes for high quality, safety,
economy is favoured by software applications strengthening human-computer
interaction. In real industries processes have hundreds of variables to be followed and
monitoring should be done in a 2-D or 3-D spaces by space reduction. For this purpose,
space reduction must keep the relevant and informative geometric characteristics of the
original space, using proper metrics. In this work, the reduction of n-dimensional space to
bi or tri-dimensional one is developed through multidimensional scaling. In the 2-D or 3-
D process map, the operational regions of the process under specific conditions can be
classified. This classification is made by clustering.. This strategy is applied to the largescale
process of Visbreaker, from Refinery of Petrogal at Sines (Galp Energia), using
multidimensional scaling with several metrics.

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CLASSE - Classificação Sintética para Supervisão Industrial (Synthetic Classification for Industrial Supervision)


11th IFAC/IFORS/IMACS/IFIP Symposium on Large Scale Complex Systems, Theory and Applications, July 2007

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