Geometric Particle Swarm Optimisation



Using a geometric framework for the interpretation of
crossover of recent introduction, we show an intimate connection between
particle swarm optimisation (PSO) and evolutionary algorithms.
This connection enables us to generalise PSO to virtually any solution
representation in a natural and straightforward way. The new Geometric
PSO (GPSO) applies naturally to both continuous and combinatorial
spaces. We demonstrate this for the cases of Euclidean, Manhattan
and Hamming spaces and report extensive experimental results. We
also demonstrate the applicability of GPSO to more challenging combinatorial
spaces. The Sudoku puzzle is a perfect candidate to test new
algorithmic ideas because it is entertaining and instructive as well as a
non-trivial constrained combinatorial problem. We apply GPSO to solve
the Sudoku puzzle.


Particle Swarm Optimization


Journal of Artificial Evolution and Applications, Hindawi, January 2008

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