Grandparents of 4th Generation



The difference between age groups inside the family is increasing, mainly due to growing of the ageing society. This phenomenon results essentially from the decrease in fertility rates and from the increased life expectancy. New technologies can help families to become even better. 4th Generation Grandparents proposes a deep transformation in family behaviour, aiming to produce the necessary services to increase family bonds.
This paper presents a project that is initiating between the Department of Informatics Engineering from University of Coimbra and Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada to bring new perspectives on life. Our major concern is to help the day-by-day of all family “partners” (the baby, his brothers, his parents, and grandfathers). The project proposes the use of IP to integrate 4th Generation networks and wireless sensor networks. This is crucial to implement these new virtual environments to support new family behaviors.


Sensors, Family


virtual environments to support new family behaviors


5th International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Symposium, Taxa de aceitação 30%, December 2006

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