A Middleware for the Support of Autonomic Behaviour of Home Networking Communities



Nowadays more and more people connect to the
Internet through some kind of home network. In addition to
connecting to the Internet, user networks are being used to
establish communities that produce and share content, giving
strength and meaning to the expression “community networking”. This is being enabled by a variety of technologies, of
which the WirelessMan
technology is only an example. In
order to deal with the increasing interest for and complexity
of community networks, suitable management techniques must
be in place, with emphasis on techniques that make networks
and network services as autonomic as possible. In this work we
present a proposal for a middleware with the aim of easing the
development of autonomic applications and services, that can
make up a home network community


home networking communities, wimax


Home networking communities

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Sixth Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop (Med-Hoc-Net 2007), June 2007

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