wsrbench: An On-Line Tool for Robustness Benchmarking



Testing web services for robustness is a difficult task. In fact, existing development support tools do not provide any practical mean to assess web services robustness in the presence of erroneous inputs. Previous works pro-posed that web services robustness testing should be based on a set of robustness tests (i.e., invalid web ser-vices call parameters) that are applied in order to discov-er both programming and design errors. Web services can be classified based on the failure modes observed. In this paper we present and discuss the architecture and use of an on-line tool that provides an easy interface for web services robustness testing. This tool is publicly available and can be used by both web services providers (to assess the robustness of their web services code) and consumers (to select the services that best fit their re-quirements). The tool is demonstrated by testing several web services available in the Internet.


web services, robustness, testing tool


web services robustness


IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2008), July 2008

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